The Amendments by Niamh Mulvey

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Extraordinary. I loved it' - Jessie Burton'Engrossing and moving . . . gives voice to so much that's unspoken about Ireland' - Emma Donoghue'Wonderfully compelling . . . haunting' - Joseph O'ConnorDelving into the lives of three generations of women, The Amendments is an extraordinary novel about love and freedom, belonging and rebellion �_" and about how our past is a vital presence which sits alongside us. Nell and her partner Adrienne are about to have a baby. For Adrienne, it�_Ts the start of a new life. For Nell, it�_Ts the reason the two of them are sitting in a therapist�_Ts office. Because she can�_Tt go into this without dealing with the truth: that she has been a mother before, and now she can hardly bring herself to speak to her own mother, let alone return home to Ireland. Nell is running out of places to hide from her past. But to Ireland and the past is where she must go, and that is where The Amendments takes us: to the heat of Nell�_Ts teenage years in the early 2000s, as Ireland was unpicking itself from its faith and embracing the hedonism of the Celtic Tiger. To 1983, when Nell�_Ts mother Dolores was grappling with the tensions of the women�_Ts rights movement. And then to the farms and suburbs and towns that made and unmade the lives at the centre of this story, bound together by the terrible secret that Nell still cannot face. Selected by the Irish Independent, the Irish Times, the Irish Journal and VIP as one of the most anticipated novels of the year.

Binding: Hardback

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