Four Months Past Florence by Emily Paige Wilson

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Emily Paige Wilson?_Ts inspiring YA novel in verse is at times gripping and dripping with teenage angst, but always heartwarming and inspiring. Told in captivating lyrical verse, Four Months Past Florence follows an aspiring high school journalist's journey through friendship breakups, a moral dilemma that threatens her family, and the realisation that life, like the weather, doesn?_Tt always unfold as predicted. Four Months Past Florence is the story of Millie Willard, a high school junior from a small, coastal town in South Carolina with dreams of becoming a hard-hitting journalist, despite feeling sidelined in her current position as the weatherwoman for her school?_Ts newspaper, The Bloom. Little does she know, Hurricane Florence is brewing off the coast with plans to change everything. Four Months Past Florence is a thunderous page turner that will leave you believing that, just maybe, the kids are all right.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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