The Cautious Traveller's Guide to The Wastelands : Prepare to be transported by the hottest debut of 2024 by Sarah Brooks

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PRE-ORDER NOW - Published: 20/06/2024

The extraordinary and engrossing novel set onboard the Trans-Siberian Express - perfect for fans of Piranesi, Babel, Stacey Halls and Jessie Burton - available to pre-order now! It is said there is a price that every passenger must pay. A price beyond the cost of a ticket. It is the end of the 19th Century and the world is awash with marvels. But there is nothing so marvellous as the Wastelands: a terrain of terrible miracles that lies between Beijing and Moscow. Nothing touches this abandoned wilderness except the Great Trans-Siberian Express: an impenetrable train built to carry cargo across continents, but which now transports anyone who dares to cross the shadowy Wastelands. On to the platform steps a curious cast of characters: a grieving woman with a borrowed name, a famous child born on the train and a disgraced naturalist, all heading for the Great Exhibition in Moscow. But the old rules are changing, and there are whispers that the train isn't safe. As secrets and stories begin to unravel the passengers and crew must survive their journey through the Wastelands together, even as something uncontrollable seems to be breaking in . . .

Binding: Hardback

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