Borderlands : South Yorkshire in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Periods. AD 450-1066 by Phil Sidebottom

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The period AD 450-1066 was a tumultuous time for the British Isles, and this was in particularly true of what became South Yorkshire. Existing on the borderland between the great Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria, South Yorkshire remained contentious in the struggles between the rival polities, with land ceded and taken, over the best part of four centuries. Evidence suggests that most of southern Yorkshire remained largely occupied by native British inhabitants, rather than Saxon or Viking incomers, at least until the later-Saxon period and after the Viking take-over which began in the 9th century. With a focus on the previously academically-neglected archaeology of the region, this book features new evidence to paint a full picture of South Yorkshire in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Periods. Included are pre-Conquest charters and the enigmatic Tribal Hidage tribute list, as well as an analysis of place-names and looks at the archaeological record of dark-age earthworks, burials, fortified places and finds. The author uses his expert knowledge of Anglo-Saxon carved stone monuments to supplement the historical and archaeological evidence to identify centres of settlement and control in the area and which also offers a tantalising insight into local ethnicity. The research is brought to life with maps, figures, and photographic evidence throughout the book. In pulling together our current knowledge of South Yorkshire during this pivotal era, the book acts as a reminder of how the wealth of local character is easily destroyed unless we become more aware of its fragility and celebrate its diversity. Written in accessible language, this book will be of interest to both academics and anyone who wants to know more about South Yorkshire in the post-Roman and Early Medieval periods.
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