The Deal Dilemma : TikTok made me buy it! by Meagan Brandy

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The chemistry they have is amazing and the steaming moments are HOT' 'It's one of the best romance books/best friends sister relationship books I've EVER read! And I read A LOT!' I want her. She wants to feel wanted. Those are two very different things... I never expected my best friend's little sister to become the one I craved, but it happened anyway. In the beginning, we were both young, then she was too young, and then suddenly...she wasn't. Unfortunately for me, things got complicated, so I took off, but this girl? She followed. Now she's sitting across from me, asking me to do something I've thought about more times than I'll admit. Something I really shouldn't do. She wants me to take her virginity. The problem? No way I could kiss her and not keep her, but she's not looking to be claimed. She wants to feel, not fall, but walk away and allow someone else take what's meant to be mine?Yeah, that's not about to happen....
Binding: Paperback / softback

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