The Role of GIS in COVID-19 Management and Control by Esra Ozdenerol

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1. Provides cutting edge GIS visualization, spatial temporal pattern, and hot spot tracking applications used for predictive modeling of COVID-19. 2. Includes real world case studies with broad geographic scope that reflect COVID-19 trends in cases, deaths, and vaccinations. 3. Provides lifestyle segmentation analysis on the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and spatial patterns of vaccination hesitancy 4. Highlights real world issues brought to light with the help of GIS, such as social discrimination, inequalities in women's access to mental health care, and analyzes the risk of transmission due to vaccination hesitancy. 5. Shows the use of GIS and spatial analysis at pandemic mapping, management, and control from masking and social distancing to testing site locations accounting for at-risk and vulnerable populations. 6. Discusses facilitating policy making with GIS.
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