Dinosaurs in My School (NE) by Sarah Warburton

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Prepare for a school day that is far from ordinary in this rip-roaring picture book from the bestselling author and illustrator duo behind Dinosaurs in the Supermarket. "Who has squashed our bookshelf?" Our teacher asks us all. "Someone's bitten the board in two! There are claw marks on the wall!" For one little boy, a regular day at school is turned upside down. A band of dinosaurs are there to wreak havoc in the classroom, but the grown-ups can't see them! Can he convince the dinosaurs to behave? A new cover edition of Dinosaurs in the Supermarket - it's utterly roar-tastic! Bright and bold illustrations throughout - and hidden dinosaurs on every page that children will love to find Brilliantly fun rhyming text that children (and their grown-ups) will love Have you read Dinosaurs in the Supermarket and Dinosaurs Go Christmas Shopping?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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