Sedating Elaine : 'a riotous rollercoaster of hilarity, tenderness and beautiful craziness' by Dawn Winter

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Longlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Prize'tender, vicious, hilarious, exhilarating, devastating and HOPEFUL'Daisy Buchanan'[a] knockout debut'New York Times'a riotous rollercoaster of hilarity, tenderness and beautiful craziness that kept me hooked from the start'Daily MailFrances was not looking for a relationship when she met Elaine in a bar. She was, in fact, looking to drown her sorrows and nurse a broken heart. But somehow, Elaine ended up in Frances's bed and never left. Now, faced with mounting pressure from her drug dealer to access some cash, Frances comes up with a terrible idea - she asks Elaine to move in with her. Unfortunately, this makes Elaine even more sex-crazed and maniacal with love. Frances fears she may never escape the relationship, so, given no choice, she makes the obvious decision: she will sedate Elaine.
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