Treasures of India : From Antiquity to Modernity by DK

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An exquisite collection of artefacts, sculptures, and historically significant treasures from across India. If the captivating bronze dancing girl of Harappa denoted sophisticated early civilisation, the stunning Sanchi Stupa symbolized the peak of Buddhist religion in India. If the world-renowned Taj Mahal was a testament to the wealth of the Mughal empire, Tipu?_Ts Tiger, an intricate, almost life-sized mechanical toy, represented the king of Mysore?_Ts resistance against the East India Company. Whether it is the striking sculptures of the famed city of Hampi, the beautiful folios from religious texts, the breathtaking Konark wheel, the famous Koh-i-Noor, or the elegant paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, these artefacts, monuments and artworks are intimately woven into the history and culture of India and revered for their beauty and artistry. Dive deep into the culturally rich history of India to explore:- A curated showcase of more than 100 of India?_Ts treasures, from the very popular ones that are housed in museums across the world to those hidden away in different corners of India. - Timelines take the reader through the various eras and dynasties. - Something new on every page and features a wide range of artefacts, from paintings and sculptures, to jewellery and sacred objects. - Key events, people, and dynasties from the ancient and medieval age to the colonial period and independent, contemporary India. - Themed double page features to give the reader a broader context of the object and its place in Indian history. - A selection of gallery pages to give readers an idea of the treasure troves that exist in India. Ranging from the extraordinary to the ordinary, from the remarkable to the traditional, these objects capture moments, reflect changes, and remain grounded in the many lived realities of India. The richly illustrated Treasures of India navigates the history of India, through the early civilisations, formation of kingdoms, religious movements, the establishment of empires, the struggle for Independence, and the emergence of a democracy and republic through more than 100 objects and monuments, exploring the fascinating and unique stories behind each of them.
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