LEGO Ideas on the Go : With an Exclusive LEGO Campsite Mini Model by Jessica Farrell

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Grab your LEGO collection and go on a great adventure!Explore the world with your LEGO bricks - whether it is a trip to the park, an epic camping weekend, or your dream family vacation. Bring your LEGO bricks along for the ride or use them to imagine a LEGO vacation. Play games around the campfire, build rocky mountains to climb or imagine dense jungles to trek through with. Be inspired by nature and build animals and ecosystems. Take your minifigures on an exploration to discover more about the world around you.Plus there are plenty of fun ideas and games for a stay-cation too - no adventure is too small for a minifigure!With more than 50 new LEGO ideas, plus an exclusive LEGO campsite mini model, you'll have everything you need for a LEGO adventure on the go! Ac2023 The LEGO Group.
Binding: Hardback

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