Incredible History Wonders of the World : The Past Brought Back to Life by DK

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From sunset at Stonehenge to the steps of the Forbidden City, see the wonders of the world and the people who built and used them brought back to life in stunning detail. Discover humanity's greatest monuments restored to their former glory in this guide to the wonders of the world. Incredible History: Wonders of the World turns back time to reveal realistic reconstructions of the most incredible monuments humankind has ever constructed. Imagine if you could travel back in time and visit the wonders of the world. Where would you go first? You'll feel the roar of the crowd in the Roman Colosseum, observe an eclipse at Chichen Itza and stride along the walls of Great Zimbabwe. Children aged 9+ will learn when and how it was constructed, and what it teaches us about how the people who lived at the site might have spent their days. Each story begins by showing you the wonder as it is today and you can marvel at the location recreated in jaw-dropping 3D detail. This fascinating guide to the wonders of the world contains: - Information that goes beyond the curriculum to give a truly international view of the past, from the - Palace of Versailles in France to the largest Buddhist temple in the world: Borobudur, Indonesia. - Pages packed with fascinating facts, data, and detail. - The wonders of the world are restored to their former glory with 3D computer artworks, going into incredible detail and depth. - Story boxes that put the discovery in context and go behind the scenes showing how archaeologists unearth the past. With each page packed with fantastic facts and extraordinary pictures, Incredible History: Wonders of the World brings together the best bits of history and archaeology to recreate our wondrous past. Combining archaeological evidence and computer technology, the book brings the people and places of the past back to life before your very eyes.
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