Roald Dahl: Fantastic Feelings by Roald Dahl

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Feelings are funny things. We all have different ones every day!Don't bottle up a feeling. It can help you learn and grow!Lift the flap on every page of this fantastic feelings book to discover top tips to manage big emotions - from sadness and anger to shyness and fear. This first feelings book is perfect for chiddlers who are learning to recognise and identify emotions, encouraging them to be GLORIUMPTIOUSLY proud of all of their feelings!Look out for more marvellous board books for titchy toddlersRoald Dahl: WordsRoald Dahl: ShapesRoald Dahl: ColoursRoald Dahl: ABCRoald Dahl: 123Roald Dahl: OppositesRoald Dahl: Lift-the-flap Hide and Seek
Binding: Board book

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