The Soul Survivor by Chris Bradford

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THE THRILLING FINALE TO THE SOUL SERIES BY BESTSELLING AUTHOR CHRIS BRADFORDTanas laughs, cruel and cold. 'Won't you Ascendants ever learn?My soul cannot be killed. Only I have the power to destroy souls.'Genna has lost everything. Her home, her parents, and now her only safe sanctuary. Forced to flee Haven, she faces a difficult decision: hide and survive, or stand and fight? Determined not to let Tanas win, Genna embarks on a desperate quest across continents to save the Light of Humanity. But can she and her friends complete their mission before Tanas and her Hunters catch up with them? Time is running out. And the clues to their quest are few and far between. Genna can only hope her soul will survive long enough to save the world . . .
Binding: Paperback / softback

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