DKfindout! Stone Age by Klint Janulis

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Bring the Stone Age back to life with DKfindout! Find out how early humans hunted a woolly mammoth, made fire, and created cave paintings in this fascinating book for children about the Stone Age. DKfindout! Stone Age is a fun, trivia and activity-filled book that teaches children between 6 and 9 years old all about the Iron Age, Bronze Age, and the Ice Ages, too. Step into the Stone Age and discover:- Content suitable for ages 6-9, and a great learning resource for KS2 History- Covering everything from the clothes they wore, the tools they would use, and the foods they would eat to give kids an understanding of how life would have been in the Stone Age- Easy to read texts, and stunning visual elements available on every page- Includes a fun quiz and additional activities to help children absorb key facts in an engaging way- Written in conjunction with educational experts to make sure the information is trustworthy and age-appropriateFrom the award-winning DKfindout! seriesThe DKfindout! series introduces children to a range of exciting topics in a fun, engaging way. Checked by specialist consultants and an educational expert, this is not only a source of information you can trust but one that is age-appropriate and supports your child's schoolwork. Other titles include DKfindout! Science, DKfindout Animals, and DKfindout! Ancient Egypt. DKfindout! won Silver in the MadeForMums Awards 2017.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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