The Bear by Raymond Briggs

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The hilarious and heartwarming tale of a magical friendship between a girl and a polar bear, from beloved author of The Snowman, Raymond Briggs. One night a great big, white polar bear comes to stay with Tilly. He has black hooked claws and huge yellow teeth; but his white furry coat is warm and soft and Tilly decides he's the cuddliest thing in the whole world. Tilly soon finds out that a big bear can cause big problems - he takes a LOT of looking after! When she describes the bear's latest antics to her parents they think he's a figment of her imagination - but is he?A brilliantly clever and funny tale about an unlikely friendship, from beloved children's author Raymond Briggs. More classic Raymond Briggs stories:The Snowman - a wordless picture bookFather ChristmasFather Christmas Goes on HolidayThe Elephant and the Bad BabyJim and the Beanstalk
Binding: Paperback / softback

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