Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs

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Experience a day in the life of a Bogeyman in this brilliantly gross picture book for older children. Life under ground in Bogeydom is full of snot, smells, slime, scum and other unspeakable things. The Bogeymen that live there revel in every kind of nastiness imaginable - especially their day-job of scaring human beings. But there's one Bogeyman who isn't so sure he wants to be part of Bogeydom after all . . . Beloved classic author Raymond Briggs has created a whole new world in this sophisticated cartoon-strip picture book for older children which will entice the most reluctant of readers into books. More classic stories from Raymond Briggs:The Snowman - a wordless picture bookFather ChristmasFather Christmas Goes on HolidayUG: Boy Genius of the Stone AgeJim and the Beanstalk
Binding: Paperback / softback

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