The Man Who Listens To Horses : The worldwide million-copy bestseller by Monty Roberts

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As I left the round pen, I saw the Queen, Prince Philip, and the Queen Mother rise from their seats to come down and join me . . . With a warm smile on her face the Queen put out her hand to shake mine and said, 'That was beautiful'. She said she was amazed by what had happened and how the filly has responded, and she advised me to be proud of the work I was doing.'___________________________________________When Monty Roberts was thirteen years old he went off alone into the deserts of Nevada to watch mustangs in the wild. What he learned about their methods of communication changed his life forever. His horse whisperer powers may seem like magic, but his amazing "horse sense" is based on a lifetime of experience and a deep love and understanding of horses. He can take a wild, high-strung horse who has never been handled before and persuade that horse to accept a bridle, saddle, and rider in thirty minutes. In this remarkable worldwide bestseller, Roberts shares his unforgettable personal story and his exceptional insight into the silent language of horses and nonverbal communication: an understanding that applies to human relationships as well. He shows that between parent and child, employee and employer, abuser and abused, there are forms of communication far stronger than the spoken word that are accessible to all who will learn to listen. ____________________________________________'For anyone who care about animals - not just horses, either - it is required reading' DAILY TELEGRAPH'The horse whisperer in action . . . more exciting than his fictional counterpart' OBSERVER'Riveting and inspirational' NEW YORK TIMES'Monty Roberts is the real thing' TATLER'Wild horses should not drag you away from finding out more about Monty Roberts' INDEPENDENT'This book contains some wonderful vignettes of his adventures' THE TIMES'Absorbing . . . Roberts' story is more fascinating and profound than any told in fiction . . . the kind of life-altering book you never want to finish.' SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE 'A riveting read' HORSE AND HOUND
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