The Shepherd by Frederick Forsyth

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The chilling thriller from the international bestselling phenomenon. 'A cunningle wrought tale' Financial Times'A stirring and beautiful story' The Times_____________Christmas Eve, 1957. For one Royal Air Force pilot, one last hurdle remains between himself and a cozy Christmas morning in England. A sixty-six-minute flight in his Vampire fighter plane from Germany to Lakenheath. A routine flight plan and a full tank of fuel. What could go wrong?But as the fog begins to close in, the compass goes haywire and the radio dies, leaving him in silence, lost and alone up in the inky black sky. All hope seems lost as he accepts his fate when, out of nowhere, a vintage fighter-bomber appears and is miraculously trying to make contact. For one lonely pilot this is a miracle, but really the mystery has just begun ... _____________With over 1,000 5* reviews . . . ***** 'This was for me the best Christmas military short story'***** 'What a great story!! I just loved it.'***** 'A splendid story. Still have goosebumps after reading it.'***** 'I, too, read this every Christmas season - and think of it often throughout the year.'***** 'What a wonderful surprising ending, I didn't see that coming, very good story, I think imma remember it for a long time.'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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