Graft : How to Smash Life by Tom Skinner

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GET OUT THERE, GIVE IT 110% AND ABSOLUTELY SMASH IT! . Tom Skinner is a grafter. Born and bred in Romford, he's spent a lifetime on market stalls and has always had an eye for opportunity. He's sold everything from laughing monkeys to luxury mattresses! Like a magician, Tom can make something out of nothing, although he's seen it all disappear just as quickly, too. Graft is a window into the world of a professional wheeler-dealer who knows exactly what it takes to stay afloat and keep your chin up when the going gets tough. Inside, Tom shares his story and the hilarious escapades he's found himself involved in while trying to make a quick buck. He also reveals how you, too, can make your own luck using the simple mantras he abides by and how to bounce back off the ropes when it feels like you're down and out. From fuelling yourself with a big breakfast (preferably down Dino's Cafe) to the importance of making mistakes, Tom offers an entertaining, motivational read for anyone who wants to do bigger and better things ... or just wants a good laugh. This is how to smash life the Skinner way. BOSH!
Binding: Hardback

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