The Ruthless Fae King by Leia Stone

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Book 3 in the Kings of Avalier series: a full-length fantasy romance that also stands alone?_? Lucien Thorne is the most vile monster in all of Thorngate. As Winter King, he rules our land with an iron fist and a cold, dead heart. And my father has just informed me that I am betrothed to marry him?_? As the Princess of Fall, it is my duty to marry whatever suitor my father chooses for me, but even duty can?_Tt make me spend the rest of my life with someone like Lucien. However the more time I spend with this mysterious man, the more I wonder if the rumours about him are even true. As I get to know the real Lucien, I start to discover the secrets and dark history of his family. A history that explains his ruthless behaviour?_? And one I plan to expunge if I am ever to live out my life in the Winter Palace in peace. As much as I want to hate Lucien Thorne and everything he?_Ts done to our realm?_? I cannot deny my heart. The Ruthless Fae King is book THREE of FOUR in the Kings of Avalier series. It's a full-length enemies-to-lovers standalone fantasy romance about the Winter King Lucien Thorne.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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