Notes on a Murder by B P Walter

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?_~Dark, sleek and dangerous?_? ferociously intelligent. If you aren?_Tt reading B P Walter yet, now?_Ts the time?_T A. J. Finn ?_~The Talented Mr Ripley meets The White Lotus. Unpredictable, whip smart, utterly absorbing. I ADORED that ending!?_T John Marrs ?_~One of the most unsettling novels of recent years. It?_Ts also one of the most compelling?_T John Boyne *** Everyone is capable of murder. Are you? It started with an invitation to dinner. An evening of good food and good company at a luxury villa. But as the night progresses, the party takes a dark turn. The host makes you an offer, a party favour he calls it: another guest has committed a heinous crime, you can end their life, stop their terror. He tells you there will be no consequences; do you believe him? Your decision will change your life. Choose carefully. *** You?_Tve read The Talented Mr Ripley, you?_Tve devoured American Psycho, get ready for your next dark obsession! The unrelenting new thriller from Sunday Times bestseller B P Walter is available now! ?_~B P Walter blends the thrill of first love with man?_Ts darkest impulses?_T John Boyne ?_~Searing, sinister and addictive?_T Chris Whitaker ?_~What a book! Dark and gripping, with strong shades of Patricia Highsmith (if you love Tom Ripley, you?_Tll love this)?_T Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between You and Me ?_~This book will both shock and enthral you. B P Walter is quite simply a master of psychological thriller?_T A. A. Chaudhuri ?_~A sinister, compelling slow-burn about the darkest human desires. Fans of The White Lotus will love this taut, original thriller?_T Charlotte Duckworth ?_~An enthralling read with darkness at its core?_T Lizzy Barber ?_~Notes on a Murder combines what B P Walter does so well: page turnability, suspense and dark twistiness?_T Victoria Selman ?_~A one-sitting read. Captivating from page one and refuses to let go. Brilliant?_T Michael Wood, author of the DCI Matilda Darke series ?_~A sultry heat-filled thriller set on a remote Greek island where guests end up with so much more than just dinner. Dark and delicious?_T Nikki Smith, author of The Beach Party ?_~I read this book in one hit, unable to put it down. Dark, twisted and totally captivating?_T Louise Hare, author of This Lovely City ?_~A richly compelling journey into the human psyche. Glamorous yet dark; thrilling yet filled with horror?_? will keep you up long into the night?_T Alice Clark-Platts, author of The Cove ?_~A deliciously dark nightmare that I never wanted to wake up from. Reminiscent of The Talented Mr Ripley?_T Sara Ochs, author of The Dive ?_~A truly exciting thriller?_T Evie Woods, author of The Lost Bookshop
Binding: Paperback / softback

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