Advice from a Blob : How to Find Peace in This Messy Beautiful Chaotic Existence by Lennnie

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Hello humans, my name?_Ts Lennnie, I?_Tm a little blob that was sent by the book Gods to come check on you. So, let?_Ts get into it shall we? Hello, human, my name?_Ts Lennnie. It really is a chaotic torrential downpour of debauchery out there?_? but I promise you?_Tre gonna be okay. REALLY TRULY ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FINE. Even if it doesn?_Tt feel like it right now. Wherever we are in life, all of us yearn for a world filled with more kindness, compassion and community. Lennnie ?_" everyone?_Ts favourite adorable, sassy, loving animated blob ?_" is here for us, keeping it real, dodging empty platitudes and delivering a dose of gentle, down-to-earth positivity to get us through even the darkest days.
Binding: Hardback

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