Outback : The Desmond Bagley Centenary Thriller by Michael Davies

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A powerful debut novel that denys the legacy of 'Master of the Genre' Desmond Bagley with a thriller set in Australia, also appealing to a new generation of readers who adore Jane Harper and Chris Hammer. The Sequel to Desmond Bagley's DOMINO ISLAND ------ IF YOUR ENEMIES DON'T KILL YOU THE TERRITORY WILL Insurance investigator Bill Kemp had never wanted to trek deep into Australia's remote interior. But after his clients Sophie and Adam Church inherit an abandoned opal mine, they become the target of threatening letters, urging Sophie to abandon the inheritance claim ... or pay the price. Though the mine appears to be worthless, someone is clearly desperate to stop them from discovering more - about the treasure that might be hidden within and the circumstances that led to Sophie inheriting it in the first place. Was her uncle's death truly self-inflicted or are there nefarious forces at play? After Sophie narrowly escapes an attempt on her life, the group are left with no choice but to head out into the blistering desert in search of answers. How far will their unknown enemy go to stop them from uncovering the explosive, long-lost secret of the Deakins family mine? And even if the group can uncover the truth, will they make it out of that vast and hostile wilderness alive? Outback celebrates the centenary of bestselling thriller writer Desmond Bagley with this new adventure featuring his protagonist Bill Kemp, described by Jeffrey Deaver as 'part James Bond, part Philip Marlowe, and all hero'. Michael Davies, who completed Bagley's first Kemp novel Domino Island for publication nearly forty years after the author's death, now weaves an original tale of danger and death under the Australian sun.
Binding: Hardback

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