My Daughter's Killer by Jacqueline Grima

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Don't miss this gripping thriller from the author of The Weekend Alone - with a twist that will take your breath away! 'An excellent thriller and a writer to look out for' Lesley Sanderson author of I Know You Lied _____ A mother in mourningTwo years ago, Sarah's husband was jailed for her murder; her body was never found. Now, her grieving mother, Claire, spends her sleepless nights running a helpline for vulnerable women. A woman with a secretClaire takes many calls, but one caller isn't like the rest. She isn't calling for help - she's calling because she claims to know what happened to Sarah. A killer on the looseBut when Claire hears the terrifying news that her daughter's killer has escaped from prison, she realises her nightmare is far from over - and her family are in danger yet again. Readers LOVE My Daughter's Killer! 'Oh wow! This is such a good read... I was hooked from page one and it never let up.' NetGalley reviewer 'Ohh what a thrilling read... Talk about being blown away!... I can not recommend this enough' NetGalley reviewer 'I have not read anything quite like this before. It's an excellent addictive and gripping psychological thriller... Highly recommended' NetGalley reviewer 'I could not put this down!... I was literally gasping out loud towards the end... Honestly this book is just BRILLIANT' NetGalley reviewer 'Fantastically written, this is an 'up all night' thriller' NetGalley reviewer Praise for Jacqueline Grima: 'Wow! The twist in this really came out of nowhere for me - I had inklings that all was not as it seems but was not expecting quite the reveal I got!' NetGalley reviewer 'A wonderful twist filled thriller!... I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.' NetGalley reviewer 'A masterclass in story telling! I literally read this in one day.' NetGalley reviewer 'What an absolute grip of a read... I was hooked from the start and this was a one sit read.' NetGalley reviewer 'A gripping read that had me on the edge of my seat... Full of twists... I was hooked.' NetGalley reviewer 'A book with a real 'sting in its tail'... A really good psychological thriller... Certainly fooled me!' NetGalley reviewer 'What a chilling thriller!...There was a colossal twist!... Masterful storytelling, highly recommended if you like Adele Parks and B.A. Paris.' NetGalley reviewer 'A fast paced and incredibly gripping read. I could not put it down.' NetGalley reviewer 'If this was a TV programme I would be hiding behind the sofa!... Several unexpected twists that I never would have guessed.' NetGalley reviewer

Binding: Paperback / softback

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