This Naked Mind: Nicotine by William Porter

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A breakthrough solution from the author of This Naked Mind Alcohol to help shift your mindset and help you quit smoking for good. Tobacco is bad for us; that's a given. But even though you may know the negative health effects, nicotine's hold is strong, subconscious, and emotional: It tastes good, it's a companion when you're alone, and it can be a shield against stress. What if none of these things were true, though? What if nicotine actually tasted bad and didn't make you less lonely? What if it didn't relax you? It may seem hard to believe, and it's okay to be skeptical, but coming to a new mindset about smoking is the key to quitting. In This Naked Mind: Nicotine, Annie Grace and William Porter combine their trusted approaches to overcoming problem drinking-science-backed, habit-breaking systems that have worked for thousands-to vanquish tobacco addiction. Grace and Porter uncover the subconscious beliefs about smoking that keep us addicted to it despite its well-known costs. With thought-provoking questions and exercises that will spark clarity, this essential book will help you jump-start your no-smoking journey easily and heal your brain and body.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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