The Last Letter from London by Pam Lecky

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"A gripping and thrilling tale. The writing was INCREDIBLE!" Reader review, Her letters can save the country. But can she be trusted? A double agent. As World War Two rages, MI5 agent Sarah Gillespie is faced with her toughest challenge yet: handling Adeline Vernier, a mysterious double agent from Paris. A dangerous mission. Adeline's coded letters could help the Allies defeat the Germans - but, in return, she demands that her boyfriend is rescued from Nazi-occupied France. Adeline is not above threatening to double-cross MI5 to get what she wants, leaving Sarah fearful for the millions of lives at stake. Letters that could change their lives forever. As they embark on a secret operation through Lisbon, they must tread carefully to avoid the clutches of the Nazis. But will they make it out alive, together? Or is the enemy closer than they realise? A gripping and completely addictive page-turner of extraordinary courage and bravery. Perfect for fans of Kate Quinn's The Rose Code, and Pam Jenoff's Code Name Sapphire. Readers are obsessed with Pam Lecky: "A great book for spy lovers. Full of suspense, betrayal, and suspicion!" Reader review, "A historical fiction winner! Sandwiched between slices of good plot and likable characters. I definitely recommend this book!" Reader review, "A nail biting, gripping book that had me absolutely hooked from the first page." Reader review, "A gripping WW2 story of bravery, love and treachery." Reader review, "I think this is the quickest I have ever read a book - I just couldn't put it down!" Reader review, "Action packed! I can't wait for the next book in this absorbing series!" Reader review,
Binding: Paperback / softback

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