Girls Who Slay Monsters : Daring Tales of Ireland's Forgotten Goddesses by Ellen Ryan

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WINNER KPMG Book of the Year ?_" Children?_Ts Books Ireland Awards Unsung stories from ancient Irish myths re-imagined for nine to twelve-year olds There was a time when tales of Ireland?_Ts mythical goddesses ?_" their astonishing powers, bravery, and unbreakable bonds with nature ?_" were famous, in Ireland and beyond. But over time, these stories were lost, often replaced or rewritten to make room for male warriors and kings. Until Now. Girls Who Slay Monsters brings these heroes of Irish mythology back to vibrant, magical life. From A%ire, Ireland?_Ts fierce namesake, and BAc Binn, a giant who overcame her bullies, to Badb, a gleefully gruesome death prophet, and BAc Mannair, a gender-fluid spy who challenged an entire army. These are goddesses of many shapes, skin shades and sizes, from every corner of ancient Ireland, whose daring still inspires today. Stand by their sides as they wield magic, fight monsters, and protect the powerless ?_" and you might just discover that you, too, are a force of nature. Note From The AuthorWhile many of us grew up learning about Greek and Norse myth, the Irish goddesses were an undiscovered secret. At my convent school, I was taught about two or three magical women from mysterious lands, but they were not described as goddesses, and I had no idea how warped these tales had become. Then years later, I took a trip to Rathcroghan, an Irish archaeological site known as the ancient capital of Connacht, and learned the land there was linked with powerful goddesses. I couldn?_Tt understand why I hadn?_Tt been taught about these goddesses and felt something had been stolen from me. So, for many years after, I went digging through ancient Celtic texts and discovered a pantheon of exciting goddesses with brilliant abilities. But what I found most remarkable was that these women from thousands of years ago often faced the kind of challenges we experience today. Their stories are relevant and inspiring, yet girls everywhere have been stripped of the Celtic goddesses ?_" an important part of our shared female heritage. I am grateful and honoured to retell their stories for you now.
Binding: Hardback

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