An Animal a Day by Mateo Markov

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A fascinating animal for every day of the year! Dip in each day to discover a new animal to enjoy sharing with friends or family ?_" make sure to find YOUR birthday animal! Travel through the incredible ecosystems and habitats of our beautiful planet, and meet some of the most fascinating animals that call them home. Dive into the oceans to find whales and giant squid, journey across the icy poles with penguins and polar bears, race across the African savanna with lions and wildebeest ?_" and so much more. Each day?_Ts entry is filled with fascinating facts ?_" learn about completely new animals, and find out some incredible new sides to animals you might see often in everyday life. This stunning book is packed with breathtaking illustrations to bring each animal to life. It also features information about conservation, and how we can protect endangered animals and the places they call home. The ULTIMATE gift for animal lovers aged 6 and up.
Binding: Hardback

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