End Game by Liz Mistry

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?_~A harrowing and suspenseful page turner that perfectly encapsulates ?_oNorthern Noir?__. This is how a police procedural is done.?_T Nadine Matheson, author of The Jigsaw Man Four dead bodies. One missing person. Let the game begin. When an anonymous tip-off leads detectives Nikki Parekh and Sajid Malik to the sprawling Salinger estate, Nikki?_Ts senses are on high alert. The brutal murder of all four members of the Salinger family has shocked the sleepy Bradford village to the core. A mother, father, daughter, and son. . . all killed in exactly the same way ?_" whilst sat around the coffee table, playing a game of Monopoly. But Nikki notices that there are five pieces on the board. One of the players is missing. . . Did they manage to escape the killer, or was the killer part of the game? Don?_Tt miss the next utterly gripping thriller from the Queen of Northern Noir! Fans of Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and JD Kirk will love this heart-stopping read. Reader?_Ts LOVE End Game! ?_~Northern Noir doesn't get much better than this! Gripping from start to finish, this is a superb story.?_T NetGalley Reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Wow, wow, wow Liz Mistry certainly knows how to engage and entertain her readers through her writing. I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in less than two days?_?_T NetGalley Reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Liz Mistry has done it again. This latest book in her series has it all, mystery, suspense, and thriller. Captivating from the start.?_T NetGalley Reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~This was a perfect police procedural book, with everything going for it?_? The storyline was exciting from the start and the characterisation spot on.?_T NetGalley Reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~One of those books that just makes you forget absolutely all your plans for the day and you end up just locking yourself away and being completely absorbed by it.?_T NetGalley Reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Great writing and premise. Amazing characters. Page turner. Plenty of suspense to keep me guessing?_?_T NetGalley Reviewer, ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_
Binding: Paperback / softback

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