The Hidden Letters by Lorna Cook

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On the eve of a world war, a forbidden love will blossom in the garden of a stately home, where one young woman will make a choice that will change her life forever... 'An emotional story of love and strength' - LIZ FENWICK 'Beautiful ... Had me utterly captivated' - JENNY ASHCROFT As the storm clouds of war gather, Cordelia seeks refuge in the grounds of her family estate. Handsome landscaper Isaac has recently arrived to tend to the gardens, and the connection between him and Cordelia is as immediate as it is forbidden. Isaac begins to secretly teach her how to cultivate the gardens, so when he and all the young men are called away to war, Cordelia takes over. From the battlefields of Europe, Isaac sends her letters, that give her hope for their future in peacetime. But when these messages abruptly cease, Cordelia must face up to the worst and take her future - and the fate of the garden they both loved - into her own hands... An epic, sweeping tale of love, war and the strength of the human spirit. Fans of Lucinda Riley and Kate Morton will be absolutely gripped by this historical page-turner. -------------------------------------- Authors love The Hidden Letters : 'A beautiful emotional story of love and strength' Liz Fenwick, author of The River Between Us 'Lorna Cook has had me utterly captivated with her latest. The Hidden Letters has it all - heartbreak and redemption, intense love and desperate loss. It's the type of book that first made me fall in love with reading, I adored every sumptuous, atmospheric page, and can't recommend it highly enough.' Jenny Ashcroft, author of Under the Golden Sun 'A beautiful, evocative story of love and coping with loss that kept me turning the pages late into the night. A triumph!' Rachel Burton, author of The Secrets of Summer House 'Magnificent. Broke my heart and put it back together again' Amanda Geard, author of The Midnight House 'Kept me guessing right up to the last poignant page, I found it difficult to put down and impossible to stop thinking about when I did' Iona Grey, author of The Glittering Hour 'Lorna Cook's lyrical novel transports us back to the last golden summer of innocence. Against the backdrop of a garden so beautifully depicted that I could smell the roses, she leads us through loss, heartbreak and heroism - and shows us that love can triumph over even the greatest adversity.' Judy Summers, author of The Forgotten Sister 'A story of heartache and deliverance, love and loss, brilliantly plotted and beautifully written - I could not put it down.' Louisa Treger, author of Madwoman Readers love The Hidden Letters : 'Upon leaving those final pages and closing the book ... it's like coming home. A feeling of completeness. Of having lived, loved and survived. Everything about Lorna's tales are just all encompassing, sweeping you away and back to another time far away.' NetGalley review 'A pleasure to read - I felt quite bereft when I had finished the final page.' NetGalley review 'A beautiful, evocative story of love and coping with loss that kept me turning the pages late into the night. A triumph!' NetGalley review 'A sweeping historical saga about war, duty, family, social change, sacrifice, loss, and unexpected love. The Hidden Letters made me cry, I found it really moving. 'I really liked the way parts of the story were told through letters. The characters were both like able and believable. Definitely recommended.' NetGalley review
Binding: Paperback / softback

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