The Dark Tide by Simon McCleave

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Bestselling phenomenon Simon McCleave is back with a gripping, atmospheric new crime thriller series set on the Isle of Anglesey. Will there be blood in the water? Three years ago, DCI Laura Hart was the top Hostage and Crisis Negotiator for the Greater Manchester Police. Then her husband was kidnapped. Despite her best efforts to reason with the criminals, he was brutally murdered. Now living on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales, Laura is slowly healing. Then she gets a call: armed drug dealers have seized a tourist boat ?_" and her ten-year-old son Jake is on board. There?_Ts no other negotiator available, and the police need her to step up. With the life of a loved one yet again on the line and memories of the last time she failed still searingly fresh, Laura is living her worst nightmare. Can she lay to rest the ghosts of her past in time to save her son? An atmospheric, edge-of-your-seat read that?_Ts perfect for fans of LJ Ross, Ann Cleeves and Elly Griffiths. ?_~Action-packed! A great thriller in a gorgeous location.?_T ?_" international bestselling author Lisa Gardner 'A harrowing story set against a stunning backdrop. Anglesey becomes McCleave's newest brutal playground.?_T Morgan Greene ?_~The tension keeps you gripped until the last page.?_T Rachel McLean Readers love The Dark Tide! ?_~This book was awesome! Suspense, intrigue, action, and great police work!?_T?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Another fantastic page-turner?_? cleverly written and could easily be a TV show!?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Twists and turns aplenty within a well-paced, exciting narrative. A superlative and atmospheric thriller?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Excellent?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~A gripping and sublime crime thriller topped with plenty of action and exciting storylines.?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~This was an excellent read. Thoroughly recommended. It made me want to visit North Wales.?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Fantastic. I really enjoyed this book?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Do yourself a favour and get a copy of The Dark Tide ?_" you will not be disappointed.?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_
Binding: Paperback / softback

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