STFU : The Power of Keeping Your Mouth Shut in a World That Won't Stop Talking by Dan Lyons

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Would our lives, relationships and careers be better if we just STFU for a while? We live in a world that doesn?_Tt just encourage overtalking, but practically demands it. When success is measured by how much attention we can attract, how long we can hold on to the mic, it?_Ts no wonder that we feel compelled to spout endlessly on Twitter, to document every detail of our lives on Instagram, start that podcast, or lead that conference. A?And yet, oddly enough, the most powerful and accomplished people in the world aren?_Tt part of that chorus?_"they?_Tre reserved, they listen, and when they do speak they?_Tre considered. Tim Cook,A?PresidentA?Obama, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg all have seemed to understand the secret golden rule: talk less, get more.A?There are entire industriesA?designedA?to help usA?amplify our voices, experts who are just dying to coach us on how to talkA?better,A?butA?nobody is teaching us how toA?STFUA?for a while. Former Forbes journalist Dan Lyons takes us on a sharp, funny, fascinating deep dive through our incessant noise-making ?_" talking to communications experts, neuroscientists, psychiatrists and Silicon Valley executive coaches the world over to understand the science and culture behind why we can?_Tt stop talking, and how ultimately we can learn to speak less ?_" and with more intention ?_" to improve our lives.
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