Interdimensional Explorers by Jo Lindley

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The first in a brand-new sensationally spacey, action-packed and adventure-filled middle grade series written by the incredible Lorraine Gregory ?_" perfect for fans of MG Leonard and David Baddiel! Nothing exciting ever happens on twelve-year-old Danny?_Ts estate. That is until he falls through a locker in his grandad?_Ts workshop and finds himself in an Interdimensional Lost Property Office! And ?_" even weirder ?_" his new boss is a giant purple squid on a segway! Now Danny, best mate Modge and annoying cousin Inaaya find themselves in charge of returning alien items to all corners of the universe. But someone ?_" or something ?_" is determined to stop them. And there?_Ts NOTHING these evil aliens won?_Tt stop at to achieve complete multi-dimensional domination . . . even trapping Danny and his friends on a planet a million light years away from Earth. If the fate of the entire multiverse was in your hands, what would YOU do?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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