Queen Bee by Ciara Geraghty

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Bridget Jones meets menopause...sharp, funny and real' Cecelia Ahern Lay on couch for a brief nap. Woke up an hour later, the witch trials book I'm reading stuck to one side of my face. Pretending not to be menopausal is exhausting. When fifty-year-old Agatha Doyle starts keeping a diary, all it seems to record is how she doesn't know who she is any more. Her glorious empty house is full of people. And her head is full of fog. All it takes to tip her over the edge is a pair of red velvet heels and a man who won't stop talking. Standing up for herself - and for midlife women everywhere - Agatha unwittingly goes viral. But with a distant husband and an even more distant sex life, can she also become the heroine of her own life? 'I laughed out loud at this fabulous, joyful book' Napier Courier 'One of my absolutely favourite authors' Sheila O'Flanagan 'Witty, poignant and a complete page-turner' Sinead Moriarty 'Laugh-out-loud funny with a spikily endearing heroine who runs full tilt at the menopause with a baseball bat in her hands' Cathy Kelly 'So funny and smart and warm...honestly all women will love this book' Anna McPartlin 'Written in a deliciously dead-pan tone, this hilarious, heartfelt novel will appeal to readers at any age' Irish Times, '25 Great Holiday Books'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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