Bears Don't Cry! by Emma Chichester Clark

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The beautiful sequel to Bears Don?_Tt Read! from renowned author/illustrator, Emma Chichester Clark, creator of Blue Kangaroo. The crowd went quiet. Then somebody whispered, ?_oBears don?_Tt cry, do they??__ George is no ordinary bear. He lives with a little girl called Clementine and her mother, who have taught him to read! One day, when George finishes his book early and knows it will be a long time before Clementine and her mother return home, he decides to go the library by himself. At first it?_Ts exciting to stroll along the sunny street. But poor George?_Ts trip soon ends in disaster and, to make things worse, his library book is ruined. Can anyone help George to feel better when his feelings are hurt? A heart-warming, feel-good story about friendship, with a powerful and highly relevant message that even big bears can cry.
Binding: Hardback

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