Slaughterhouse Farm by T. Orr Munro

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A gripping new crime series for fans of Val McDermid, Jane Casey and Cara Hunter ?_TCompelling crime fiction with a beating heart of authenticity?_T Hayley Scrivenor, author of Dirt Town ?_TBrimming with suspense!?_T Heather Darwent, author of Sunday Times bestseller The Things We Do To Our Friends ?_~CSI Ally Dymond is a gem, engaging, relatable, smart ?_" everything you want in a main character?_T Trevor Wood, author of The Man on the Street A family secret worth killing for?_? In the dead of night, 72-year-old Miriam Narracott is found wandering on Exmoor, holding a knife and covered in blood. Inside the family farmhouse lies the body of her adult son, Gabe. CSI Ally Dymond is on compassionate leave, but when approached by the new DI, recently arrived from London and eager to have Ally's keen eye and local knowledge on the case, she finds herself being drawn back in. With their only suspect Miriam unwilling ?_" or unable ?_" to talk, the team must dig into the family?_Ts history to uncover a motive. Instead they find evidence that Gabe was involved with a criminal network, suggesting a completely different chain of events. But if Miriam isn?_Tt the killer ?_" then who is? The gripping second novel in the CSI Ally Dymond series. ?_~Shot through with wit and peopled by characters you care about?_T Gill Perdue, author of If I Tell ?_~T. Orr Munro has weaved such an intricate story, she?_Tll have you guessing right until the end?_T Sophia Spiers, author of The Call of Cassandra Rose ?_~A well-written, perfectly plotted novel that hooked me in right from the prologue?_T Diane Jeffrey, author of The Guilty Mother Readers can?_Tt get enough of CSI Ally Dymond! ?_~This story was so well written and captures you hook, line and sinker straight away?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~Fast paced and incredibly twisty. The storylines and characters are fantastic. I'm a huge Ally fan and I can't wait for the next one?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~A carefully crafted cast and a compelling and credible narrative makes this an immersive tale with a solid mystery to unravel. Fast moving and engaging?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_?-_ ?_~If you enjoy the plot rich, character rich novels of William Shaw and Elly Griffiths you should have a look at this series?_T ?-_?-_?-_?-_
Binding: Paperback / softback

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