The Trials of Life : A Natural History of Animal Behaviour by David Attenborough

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The third and final updated edition of David Attenborough?_Ts classic Life trilogy. Life on Earth covered evolution, Living Planet , ecology, and now The Trials of Life tackles ethology, the study of how animals behave. ?_~This is, quite simply, the best thing I?_Tve ever done.?_T Sir David Attenborough on the TV series, The Trials of Life, upon which this book is based. This is the third and last of Sir David?_Ts great natural history books based on his TV series and competes his survey of the animal world that began with Life on Earth and continues with Living Planet. In Life on Earth, Sir David showed how each group of animals evolved. In Living Planet he looked at the way they have adapted to the whole range of habitats in which they live. Now, in Trials of Life, he completes the story by revealing how animals behave ?_" and why.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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