Ruck Me : (I'Ve Written Another Book) by James Haskell

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The side-splittingly hilarious new book from Sunday Times bestselling author, rugby icon, and stag do in human form, James Haskell. It?_Ts 2021 and James is at a crossroads. His glittering international rugby career that took him from England to New Zealand and France ?_" including 77 caps for England ?_" is over. What will he do now? What is his purpose in life? In Ruck Me, James sets out on a voyage of self-discovery speaking to ex-colleagues, friends and family, reflecting on his career and diving into some of his most memorable personal anecdotes to date. But what started out as a search for understanding and meaning soon turns into a ?_" let?_Ts face it, sometimes warranted ?_" chastisement opportunity with James directly in the firing line. Turns out he has a lot of work to do?_? As funny as it is outrageous, this brilliant book acts as a lesson on how (not) to retire gracefully and move forward. And ruck me ?_" you won?_Tt want to miss it.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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