Sisters of Midnight by Katherine Livesey

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Lily, Alice, Grace, and Jem are back in the third and final spellbinding instalment in the Sisters of Shadow trilogy by Katherine Livesey! She couldn't work out if it was the world that had changed, or herself... When lightning shatters the darkness into a blazing jigsaw of panic and pain, Lily and her friends realise they've been transported through the jaws of the wild storm right to the gates of Midnight Manor, home of High Priestess of the Shadow Sect herself, Hecate Winter. But as a swarm of figures in hooded golden cloaks surrounds them it soon becomes clear: the real enemy was never hewn from the shadows but hidden in the light. A notorious legion of exorcists from beyond their borders, the Brotherhood of Light have been secretly abducting them for generations and indoctrinating them into believing there are good witches and bad witches, all subordinate to the whims of their oppressors. Now it's up to them to build a sisterhood strong enough to survive the sunrise. Readers have been captivated by Sisters of Midnight: 'Plenty of drama... a heartwarming read' 'Fantastic... full of found family, friendships, acceptance and hope' 'Excellent world building and character development' 'A dramatic story of friendship, love and support' 'Captivating' 'Beautiful'
Binding: Paperback / softback

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