Hands : An Anxious Mind Unpicked by Lauren Brown

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?_~Raw, intense and absorbing.?_T Matt Haig ?_~As tender and funny as it is painful.?_T TLS ?_~I didn?_Tt give my hands much thought before they turned against me. ?_? They have been chipping away at my life, slowly, slowly, in a way I could never have predicted.?_T Lauren Brown is anxious. And when she feels worried, she picks at her skin. Secretly, quietly, but increasingly compulsively, her skin-picking begins to affect her day-to-day life until she realizes she must unravel the reasons behind it. This sparkling memoir follows the thread of Lauren?_Ts anxiety ?_" tangled and frayed ?_" back to its source. Written with rare wit and insight, it is an attempt to redirect the anxiety that?_Ts pooled in her fingertips for as long as she can remember, released in odd bursts in caravan parks, on European holidays, at GP surgeries and on the wind-stung north-east coast. It is a moving and joyful exploration of obsession, forgiveness, stigma and healing, and a true love-song to the north. Thoughtful, unsparing and at times darkly comic, Hands is the masterful debut of a luminous new talent.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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