The Oath of Bjorn by Tamara Goranson

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The Vinland Viking Saga: Book 3 Anja has just settled into a new life on the silver shores of Vinland with her beloved, Bjorn. But then a local warrior bursts onto the scene seeking revenge, swearing to spill Viking blood. And so Bjorn must risk everything to save the woman he loves before she steps into the darkness and sets their world ablaze. The Oath of Bjorn is an epic historical novel of gripping adventure and love everlasting ?_" perfect for fans of Vikings and Outlander. Praise for The Voyage of Freydis: ?_~Anyone who loves Vikings and historical fiction definitely should pick up this book?_T Emily, NetGalley reviewer ?_~Very lyrically written, I felt as if I was reading a song?_T Tiffany, NetGalley reviewer ?_~As a lover of mythology and historical fiction I knew immediately I was going to like this book ?_"A?and I?_Tm pleased to say I not only liked it but I LOVED it!?_T Libby, NetGalley reviewer ?_~Tamara Goranson?_Ts writing really shines here. I felt the cold, heard the wind, flinched with the blows ?_" that takes a lot of skill?_T Dawn, NetGalley reviewer ?_~Took me on a rollercoaster of emotions?_T Charlotte, NetGalley reviewer
Binding: Paperback / softback

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