The Flight of Anja by Tamara Goranson

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Once again, Goranson channels the epics of the past to take the reader on a journey filled with adventure, danger, and forbidden love ... I would highly recommend this book to fans of historical fiction, Viking tales, and mythology!' reader review WIFE. DAUGHTER. DREAMER. Anja Freydisdottir has always heard whispers of her mother's adventures in Vinland. All she longs for is to spread her wings and follow them but she's trapped by the expectations of 11th-century society. Liberation comes from an unexpected source when she is helped to flee across the Atlantic on a Viking longboat bound for Vinland shores. Haunted by the ominous shadows of a family history she does not know, Anja must seek a perilous path into an unfamiliar wilderness to find her answers... The Flight of Anja is an unmissable historical novel of epic adventure and forbidden love - perfect for fans of Vikings and Outlander. What readers are saying: 'I really enjoyed this book, it was beautifully written, almost lyrical in its prose, and had a gripping and emotive storyline full of adventure, romance and voyaging. I loved it' Aria, NetGalley 'I really liked getting to see the places Freydis went to in this book. Mostly because of how they all praised and liked her ... I'm excited for the next Viking adventure in this series. Especially since it's about Bjorn!' Alaina, NetGalley 'The writing is beautiful and reflects the time period of ruthlessness and the place of harsh climate ... This book 2 can stand alone; however, I highly recommend reading also book 1 - The Voyage of Freydis' Annette, NetGalley 'A great story with unforgettable characters... It has a lot of Norse mythology, which was interesting to read about. I hope the author writes more about these characters. Fantastic cover art!' Steph, NetGalley 'I loved this book again, and I am very much looking forward to read part 3' Jantine, NetGalley
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