Five Strangers by E.V. Adamson

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Five strangers. One horrific event. What did they see? 'Assured and engrossing' The Sunday Times 'Tightly-plotted, entertaining' LOUISE CANDLISH 'Meticulously plotted with an ending I really didn't see coming.' SARAH VAUGHAN, author of ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL A gripping new thriller about secrets, obsession and lies When disgraced journalist Jen Hunter witnesses a horrific murder-suicide on Hampstead Heath one February alongside four strangers, she is compelled to find out what really happened that day. They all saw Daniel kill his girlfriend, Vicky - but can they trust their own memories? Jen's best friend, Bex, is worried about her. She knows Jen hasn't always been the most stable of women. She knows about the lies. She knows why Jen lost her job at the paper. As the lives of the Parliament Hill witnesses begin to unravel, one thing becomes clear: there is more to what happened that day on the heath. And Jen needs to find out the truth - even at a cost.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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