Some Sunny Day by Adam Baron

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A funny and incredibly moving new novel of our times by one of the most talented children?_Ts book authors working today, perfect for fans of Wonder, Frank Cottrell-Boyce or The Boy at the Back of the Class. Cymbeline Igloo is BORED. Bored of home learning, bored of lockdown, bored of not being able to DO anything. And to make things even worse, his mum accidentally gave away his favourite football shirt. But then Mrs Stebbings, the beloved school cook, is taken into hospital, and suddenly coronavirus seems much closer to home. When Cym starts a project all about Mrs Stebbings?_T childhood in World War II, he can?_Tt know that it?_Ts the beginning of something incredible and even dangerous. Exploring the place where her street once stood, he finds a tent, a strange girl wearing HIS SHIRT, and a mystery that will change absolutely everything. Because the past is more present than Cymbeline can possibly know ?_" and the most amazing thing is how much one small person can do RIGHT NOW?_? Some Sunny Day is a story of hope, kindness and the history we all make every day, no matter who we are.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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