A Gift for the District Nurses by Annie Groves

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Heartwarming and nostalgic fiction from the best selling author of The District Nurses of Victory Walk. It?_Ts 1943 and the district nurses have two new recruits?_? As the country ramps up for D-Day, the new nurses getting to know their patients on their patch in London?_Ts East End. Lily is quite sure of herself and doesn?_Tt believe she has anything new to learn. She?_Tll find out the hard way that anyone can be made a fool of when she meets a man who promises her everything. Ruby thinks that nursing might not be for her ?_" is she as hopeless as she thinks, or will tough times bring out the best in her? As the war takes on a new urgency, everything is at stake ?"_ can the nurses do what is right for the country and for themselves?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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