Clover Cottage by Christie Barlow

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A page-turning new cosy novel in the bestselling Love Heart Lane series - perfect for fans of Katie Fforde and Milly Johnson! Love Heart Lane - where friends are there for you no matter what. When Vet Rory Scott inherits ramshackle Clover Cottage in the quaint village of Heartcross, Allie MacDonald just knows this is their happy ever after. A place to call home with the man she loves - it's her dream come true! Until Rory drops a bombshell. He loves Allie but he has dreams of his own to follow - to live and work in Africa. Clover Cottage will have to wait just a little longer... Allie can't imagine life without Rory, but she loves him too much to hold him back. And as he embarks on his adventure, Allie begins to rethink her own plans. She loves Rory and knows she wants him in her life, but maybe she can follow her own dreams too? And always there, nestled in the beautiful village of Heartcross, surrounded by the people she loves, will be the place that will always bring them back to each other. Their forever home, Clover Cottage. Readers are loving Clover Cottage: 'Christie Barlow has fast become one of my favourite authors! Her books are a ray of sunshine when you read them, even if sad things happen' Sinead 'A lovely romantic story that will make you smile and god knows we need it' Tara 'I absolutely adored this book...gave a warm feeling as you read each page' Suzanne 'There's pretty much nothing I want more now than to escape to a small Scottish town and live in a cottage... sweet and cozy and a nice escape from the wild reality we are all currently living in' Nicole 'A cosy and heartwarming read, exactly what I needed now' Anna Maria 'Christie Barlow has rapidly become one of my favorite cozy romance writers' Mackey 'I loved Clover Cottage...This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites!' Kristin
Binding: Paperback / softback

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