Still Water by Rebecca Pert

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?_~Beautiful and brutal?_? a breathtaking debut?_T JOANNA CANNON ?_~Dark, lyrical?_? impressive?_T DAILY MAIL ?_~An atmospheric slow burn?_? with a sense of forboding that grows with each page?_T GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ?_~Atmospheric and compelling?_T KATE SAWYER A beautifully written atmospheric story of trauma, grief and redemption, Still Water is a debut from a bright new voice in literary fiction. When Jane Douglas returns to the Shetland Islands, she thinks she has escaped the dark shadows of her childhood. She carves out a simple life on the bleak, windswept island, working at the salmon fishery and spending quiet evenings at home. And for the first time in her life, she?_Ts happy. Then the body of Jane?_Ts long-missing mother is found in a flooded quarry. Her mother disappeared when Jane was a teenager, following the death of Jane?_Ts baby brother. Jane has spent her life running from her past, living in fear that she has inherited her mother?_Ts demons. Now, Jane must face what actually happened on that fateful, tragic day twenty years ago?_? ?_~A haunting story?_? told with compassion and even tenderness?_T KATIE MUNNIK ?_~Intense, unflinching, honest?_? beautifully told?_T LUCIE MCKNIGHT HARDY
Binding: Paperback / softback

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