The Ends by James Smythe

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Join an awe-inspiring journey through a world where death has stopped in the finale of James Smythe's acclaimed Anomaly Quartet. Decades ago, a vast object called the Anomaly was discovered moving through space. Missions sent to explore it found that anyone entering the Anomaly was unable to die. It kept moving, across our solar system, until finally the Anomaly enveloped Earth. Thirty years later, on the West Coast of the US, Theo hears that his missing wife has been sighted - in London. He's sick, and getting worse, so he sets off to find her. Theo's quest will take him across continents, through abandoned cities and new communities, meeting with bandits, artists, and cultists, murderers and heroes and survivors. Because this is a world of humanity at its absolute worst, and at its very best. A world where everything has been irrevocably altered, yet somehow still remains the same.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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