A Quick Ting On: British Black Power by Chante Joseph

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From the Mangrove Nine to Notting Hill Carnival, writer and social commentator Chante Joseph takes us through the formative, radical histories of Black British activism. When the Windrush generation arrived in Britain, the concept of 'Black Britishness' or 'Black British Culture' did not yet exist. Fast forward to the present day, where a distinct and influential Black British identity exists. This concise and informative book traverses the crucial topics within Black British history and culture: exploring community activism, protests, Notting Hill Carnival, the Black British Panthers, Women of the movement, the Mangrove Nine and the Black British Arts. Celebrating and chronicling the fusion of social, political and artistic elements within Black activism in Britain, A Quick Ting On: British Black Power provides an insightful look at how the British Black Power movement first emerged and has developed since.
Binding: Hardback

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