Where Do I Go From Here? : A hilarious and moving new novel for fans of Lucy Vine and Mhairi McFarlane! by India Rigg

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Life was telling her no. Now it's time to say yes. Seffy's ripping up the to-do list she's lived by her whole adult life. The world is telling her she needs to find a husband, get a promotion, and start a family. Her social media is wall-to-wall engagement and new baby pictures, but none of them are hers - and she's tired of trying. But don't feel sorry for Seffy. She's booked a one-way plane ticket and it's finally time to put herself first. With a new to-do list, she plans to join the mile-high club, meet a hot stranger and try magic mushrooms - all before she's thirty. With the whole world at her feet, where does she go from here?***PRAISE FOR INDIA RIGG'A triumph!' Abigail Mann'All kinds of wonderful' Sarah Bonner'Moves you to tears and makes you laugh' Chloe Timms'Painfully relatable' Amy LavelleReaders LOVE India Rigg!'Heartwrenching and heartwarming' ***** Reader Review'Moves you to tears and makes you laugh' ***** Reader Review'Such a great story!' ***** Reader Review'Hilariously funny' ***** Reader Review'Broke my heart and pieced it back together' ***** Reader Review
Binding: Paperback / softback

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